Human Canvas

 A while back, Rin reblogged a photoset on Tumblr and it sent us both into a fit of fangirly glee.
Her fangirly glee was of the “I LOVE TO PAINT!” variety.
Mine, well, mine was fangirly glee of offering up my back, legs, face….OKAY HELL, entire body as a human canvas.
But Kitty, I thought you didn’t like objectification! 
I suppose I wasn’t exactly clear on it.
Human toilet? No thanks.
Foot stool? Sure!
Table? Maybe, if you like your tables off-balance and wobbly.
There’s a few examples of Yes/No/Maybe when it comes to certain parts of objectification.
Objectification is quite diverse and I could sing Yes/No/Maybes about it until the cows come home.
I think it’s more of a soft limit more than a hard limit.
’tis a bit “Depending on the circumstances” than a steadfast HELL FUCKIN’ NO!