Kink of the Week – Marks


Hello friends! Welcome to another Kink of the Week hosted by Jade! If you were here last week I talked a little bit about how I hate clothespins.
This week is all about something I LOVE! Delicious during and after play MARKS.
As you can see I’m so passionate about marks that I’m YELLING ABOUT THEM.
Or just typing in all capitals, depending on what approach you take when it comes to the Interbutt.
Bruises, reddening, scratches, bites, you name it inflicted by my other half, I like it.
The photo above however, isn’t Dominant Girlfriend-inflicted. They were strange scratches that came out of nowhere… I blamed them on her anyway despite her being 90 miles away… 😛 *cheeky*
She smacks my ass to a delicious red.
She squeezes my tits just enough to leave red finger-shaped marks.

She’ll bite nearly anywhere leaving bitemarks and bruises behind. (And I attempt to return the favor but sometimes she’s too quick for me! *shakes fist*)
Pair the titty squeezing, a bite to and growl of “Mine into my ear?

Hold on, I need to change my panties..



Marks are a wonderful thing, especially those that last a while. It’s a reminder of Rin being there, of what we did that day.

It gives me a feeling of pride and other vomit-inducing gushy feelings when I run my fingers over those marks or poke at them.

It’s also frustrating too, to have ‘those people’ think that my marks are from abuse. Noooo! They’re marks made out of consent and LOVE! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Not hate or abuse.
‘Course, I also have marks from being off-balance and clumsy, but those aren’t as fun to talk about.
“Oh yeah, I fell into the coffee table again because I lost my balance because of the CP.” is a lot more boring than “She beat my ass and then fucked me silly.”