Ever have a huge DERP!! moment? Yeah?

That’s me, all the time.

I had forgotten that I still had a $17 credit to an Etsy shop that I won a few months ago and TOTALLY FORGOT about it.

Luckily Shayna reached out to me about it and I swiftly ordered the most fabulous, beachy, boho bracelets.

They even had rainbow-esque colors so I HAD to have them.

There WERE six of them, but my mom saw the entirely green one and snatched it.. *whinge*

In addition to the bracelets Shayna included a cute lino print of an owl. 🙂

You can visit Shayna at her blog and at her Etsy shop.

3 Replies to “Pretties!”

  1. Those are pretty, I have never been disappointed in an Etsy purchase! Lovin what you got there 🙂

    1. I am most definitely an Etsy addict myself. Have yet to be disappointed!!

  2. SO Pretty!

    Now I need to do some shopping…

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