Instagram as a whole is a fun little app.

It’s all fun and games until I cannot use it.

I have a dinosaur for a phone, and unlike most folks I cannot just go to the Verizon store and upgrade it. Why’s that? Because then my parents and I would be locked into another contract [We’ve been contract-free for almost 2 years now.] AND my Dad & I would lose our unlimited 3G Data that Verizon no longer offers.

So where does that leave me? Buying phones at full-price at the store or on eBay and eBay becomes pretty shady when it comes to buying phones because like anything bought online, there’s that thought in your mind that you really don’t know what you’re going to end up with. [Anxiety girl, abound!!]

Instagram was working well on my phone when it first came out for Android last year, and then they had to add all this extra crap [and get sucked up by Facebook in the meantime] that I don’t even use [video, Photo Map] and muck it all up on me! Sure I can hop online and find an older .apk but guess what? It yells at me and says the version is out of date and I have to upgrade to log in.

So I hung out on My365 for a while, ’til I got lonely because all ‘the cool kids’ are on Instagram.

I installed it on my iPod, and dealt with the low-quality photos for a while. And then I came up with a solution to upload phone photos to Box and then download them to my iPod and then upload to Instagram.

Tedious, but it works. At least, when my iPod isn’t crashing.

Crashing out I can handle, but on my phone it just renders unusable once reaching the Processing… stage before you share to social networks and I have to pull the battery out.

I’ve tried several different things [lowering photo quality, different ROMs [my phone is rooted]] and the only thing that seemed to work [as in my phone did not freeze] was uploading a picture I threw through My365 first.  However the downside to that is My365 only allows you to upload one photo a day, and the photo you uploaded on that particular day [if you’ve uploaded already.] gets replaced. I like to upload multiple photos sometimes.

SO. it’s back to the tediousness of uploading/downloading from Box to my iPod for now until I get a new phone somehow.

It works, I guess. It could always be worse!

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  1. Technology is only awesome when it works for us!

    1. So true!! 🙂

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