Blogger A to Z

Stole this from Angie who stole it from Manda. Pirates abound.

A. Age: 25, though I’m always thought to be younger [it’s because I’m short. My girlfriend is 23 but taller than me so they automatically default her as the older one and think I’m like 18.]

B. Bed Size: Full or double, depending how one classifies it

C. Chore You Hate: I really hate folding laundry and putting it away

D. Dog: I have a four-year old American Akita named The Intimidator

E. Essential Start to Your Day: Breakfast. Unless I feel like fainting that day, there needs to be time allotted for me to eat something. [Even if it’s just a piece of cheese.]

F. Favorite Color: Black and red. Always together, never separate. If I can’t get my color combo of choice I default to red. [However my iPhone case is red with light pink.]

G. Gold or Silver: I’m not really huge on jewelry so I’m not really fussed.

H. Height: 5’0

I. Instruments You Play: I know a bit around the acoustic guitar

J. Job Title: Certified Unpredictable Pain In The Ass

I’m unemployed, but I am a former food service worker and office monkey

K. Kids: None, never ever. At least, not of the human variety 

L. Live: New Jersey, 20 minutes from the Shore

M. Married: It’s in my future, we’re just enjoying each other’s company right now

N. Nicknames: Babygirl, Vanille, Remy, Wawa, Kitty, HEY YOU!

O. Overnight Hospital Stays: None that I actually remember, but I was in the hospital for 83 days after I was born

P. Pet Peeve: I have a huge laundry list but I absolutely hate it when people get in my personal space that don’t belong there, and when I back up to reclaim it, they step forward.

Q. Quote: “How can you judge someone else when you know that you’re the same?”  – Oerba Dia Vanille [Final Fantasy XIII]

R. Righty or Lefty? I was supposed to be right-handed, but my disability fucked that all up. So I am a “forced” lefty

S. Siblings: I have an older brother and consider my friend G my non-blood sister

T. Time You Wake Up: It really varies, it can be 5-6am, 9am or 10am.

U. University Attended: I’m too poor for college nor do I have the slightest clue what I’d go for. I graduated High School, that’s good enough for me

V. Vegetables You Dislike:  I dislike most vegetables. We’d be here all day.

W. What Makes You Late? Stress, traffic and the age-old “OH SHIT. I FORGOT.”

X. X-Rays You’ve Had: Teeth and legs [and I think my arm but I’m not clear on that]

Y. Yummy Food: If it comes from a bakery, chances are it is yummy and I want it

Z. Zoo Animal Favorite: Cats, cats more cats always cats and penguins