Pretty good actually! I think the weekly visits to the beach with my mom seem to help perk me up some and I really enjoy the bonding time I get to have with her. Over the past few years our relationship was pretty see-saw, despite me not talking about it much publicly until now. I’m not saying exact details, though. ;PP

Today it is cloudy and blehhhhh.


Of course there’s the obvious of my girlfriend. DD: There’s also a lack of ice cream in the house.


Does my electronic devices, occasional TV and a pair of fans count?

Oh you mean ME running? ARE YOU MAD?

No running for me!


The beach weekly it seems! I will be back again on Wednesday with mom. Hopefully with my sis in law, brother & the kids in tow as they bailed on us yesterday! :PP

Beach Bum

Beach Bum: Take II


A whole lotta nothing, unless microwave cooking counts and I’ve eaten Mac & Cheese for lunch.


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  1. There is nothing better than the shore in the summer!

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    1. Agreed!! 🙂

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