Feeling Anxious? Color.

For the past couple days I’ve been having surges of anxiety, and to distract myself I’ve been coloring pages in my Hello Kitty coloring book.

It cramps my hand a lot, but at least when I get 1-2 pages filled in, I’m starting to feel better.

Sadly my pencil sharpener is on its last legs.

On the upside of that, I’m planning on a hair cut tomorrow so perhaps I can pop into the dollar store nearby and get myself a replacement.

And perhaps a buttload of more coloring books…

How was your week?

I also tried a new tea this week! It smelled lovely of oranges but unfortunately, I burned the leaves so it was a bit bitter drunk straight. It fixes up nicely with some honey, though.

Mosquitoes are out in full force, and one decided just one bite wasn’t enough…

And lastly, I baked cookies this week.

5 Replies to “Feeling Anxious? Color.”

  1. Coloring and nap time are two childhood activities that make way more sense as an adult.

  2. Hmm… I think I need to get some coloring books for this purpose.

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