I has an iPhone

Yes, you read that blog title right.

I got your photographic evidence right here:

You may have read my lamenting of losing Instagram due to it becoming unusable on my old phone, and I wasn’t expecting to get its replacement so quickly.

What happened was that my Dad’s phone just completely gave up on him yesterday. Didn’t want to read the SD card (In which I suggested a new card, after we tried reformatting it.) He brings the phone home and I get the card hooked up to the computer and it’s reading just fine. I backed up what data Dad wanted to keep (pictures, downloads. He’s a simple guy really.) and reformatted the card. No dice.

So we brigaded over to the Verizon store and told them what was up. As such they told us that we all had upgrades available to us and we said no initially until they coaxed us right into a new contract and limited data. [Erk.] To my surprise though, I was using a LOT LESS data than I originally thought, even when I have 3-4 days on strict 3G [because I’m not paying out the butt for sucky wi-fi during AnimeNEXT. I get it for free in the hotel [Hilton member! Woot woot!] but in the convention center it’s waaaay  ridiculously priced.]

And so, we share 4GB of data between three phones.


You heard it here first folks, my Mom is now part of smart phone nation after having a ‘feature phone’ for the longest time!

It’s a bit of a learning curve for her but she is catching on really quick. I set her up [so far] with Candy Crush and she was loving Plants vs. Zombies in the store. [Not PvZ 2, ewwwww.]

I got the iPhone 4 [for the low, low price of FREE.] I would’ve gotten the 4S but I wasn’t about to pay $99 and I think I can live without Siri. My Dad got the Galaxy SIII and my Mom got the Stratosphere II.

I originally thought that I was going to lose a lot jumping ship from Android to iOS but the only thing I truly lost was how visual SMS was for me [contact pictures, and being able to reply right from the Handcent popup.] Sure, I could jailbreak my phone, but it’s not ready yet for the version of iOS I have.

I think I gained a lot more than anything and Kit is valuable to me in learning the added phone features. [Like silencing the phone is physically on the phone itself, because I was used to doing it from the OS,] Thank you, Kitkat for your help [and I’m pretty sure you were laughing at me as I was trying to figure what the hell that switch was on my phone. XD]

If you have any cool [and free! please] apps that I should know about, leave a comment. I already have the obvious apps.

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  1. Congrats! I don’t have a whole lot of app recs but I do love VSCO Cam for my photos (and it’s free now!). 🙂

    1. Thank you Stephanie!! I will check it out. 🙂

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