More often than not, I see a lot of flack flying around.

Accusations of ‘too perfect lives’. People being called out for ‘being fake’.

I’m  pretty certain I’ve fallen to these accusations, of course, under hushed voices.

Why would I befall these accusations? Probably because I do not publicly blog the ‘lows’ of my life. Sure, I’ve come forward about my eating disorder, self-harm, and about disability denials, but there is a lot more lows that go on behind the scenes.  I’m pretty sure no-one really wants to read a quick blurb about how I spent two days in bed because of depression. [I’m pretty sure only one person to my knowledge actively reads my blog anyway. Hi, Kitkat!]

Things I don’t find worthy of bringing to light on the internet.

“Oh yeah, my partner and I had a huge blowout, I’m going to blog/upload a YouTube video about it!!”

I honestly don’t feel that’s right, nor should it be used as validity if you’re a ‘true blogger’ or not.

I put these ‘really low’ posts either on paper and burn them so they  don’t even get a chance to even make it to my friends-locked LJ where majority of those posts go.

I don’t feel someone should get called out about what they choose to publicly share with the Internet At Large when it comes to someone’s personal blog. Write what you feel comfortable enough to write about and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I can understand a bit hostility towards a blogger if they write about something hateful [but one has to remember that everyone has an opinion… It might be difficult to stomach but the good thing about blogs, you can just click off the blog and never return again.]

Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of reading a blog post that I particularly did not agree with, but I decided to be the bigger person and just close the tab and un-subscribe from that person’s blog.

I have particular ‘deal breakers’ when it comes to a blog, and it can be from the design itself [auto-playing music. THIS IS NOT THE 90s ANYMORE!!!] to something people say [Chick-fil-A fiasco [which still grinds my fricking gears], and the person ‘standing up for what they believe in’] but like I said, it is very easy to remove yourself from the situation when it comes to the blogosphere.

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