Real Talk: My Blogging Style


I’d like to think I have a pretty unique blogging style. I tried following “the trends” and found they didn’t work out in my favor.

Alignment? Takes some tweaking

I often read peoples’ pet peeves posts to figure what looks okay, and what looks like absolute crap in a blog post. I used to overuse the Center alignment but upon reading something on how shoddy it looked, it was time for a change. It’s okay to center photos and headlines but the entire post? No bueno. I took these suggestions for a test drive and saw a [awesome!] difference in my blog layout looked. I know a few bloggers that use the right alignment solely, and I now see how ridiculous THAT looked.

Outfit of the Day? What I Wore Wednesday?

Ain’t happening. Oversized teeshirts, clean underwear, and pajama bottoms. All day, erryday. Nobody cares.  Nether do I! I don’t need to post what shirt, pajama bottoms [and sometimes socks] I’m wearing that Wednesday. I’m not about to run out to the coolest places in my town for backdrops either. Very rarely you get me into other clothes, and that’s when I’m heading out of the house. I have seen people in public in their pajamas and slippers. That’s just odd.

I went out in public in my pajamas ONCE in my life because I just had all four wisdom teeth pulled and I was too stoned to get different clothes.

Consistency? Pageviews? FUCK THAT NOISE.

Unless blogging is your full-time job or you’re out to get an audience, [and my blog’s aim is neither of those things.] don’t fret about how many times a day [week, month, year, etc.] I post. In a good month of “consistency”, I bang out about 20 posts. My lowest? 7 posts. I don’t care about blog stats anymore. I don’t care if I get 2 views or 12. This is also how I feel about comments. I always make an effort to reply to comments if they leave a window open to do so.

Extremely raw personal posts?

I don’t feel that’s right, and only will expose those parts of myself if I feel it is necessary. Just because I do not share every bleeding detail of my life in this very much public space, doesn’t make me a “fake” blogger. If I choose to only to post the ‘highs’ of my life here and the ‘lows’ either in my paper journal or on my friends-locked LiveJournal, it doesn’t make me a “fake” blogger.

 Profanity is bound to happen.

I am the granddaughter of a man who was a trucker AND a sailor. Profanity is in my blood. Yes I know how to control it around crotch fruit. [That’s children.]

Hashtags in post body? = ridiculous.

I can understand hashtags in a post tag or in a post title for Twitter/Facebook inclusion [I’ve done it.] but in a post body? Ridiculous. Stupid. Just plain eye sore.

As an aside, three/four comments worth of hashtags on Instagram? Whyyyyyy.

Blog Goals? Procrastination.

I have a list of “goals” that I wrote down in April of this year in my notebook. I’ve only really accomplished a handful of them. In other words, I’m not setting goals, I never finish them.

Sponsorship? No thanks.

I even shy away from giveaways that offer ad space as a perk. I don’t want to deal with having to alter myself/my blog to “fit in” to a sponsoring blog’s guidelines. Not to mention sponsorship is fucking exhausting. I didn’t get much out of it both doing it myself and being on other peoples’ blogs. No traffic? No thanks. No more headaches.

I come from a time where “sponsorship” mostly meant link exchanges and pestering each other on CBox.

I even eliminated social media publishing of my posts because I got zero traffic from them, and I’m not about to post my new post on Twitter a thousand times a day just to get that traffic.

#20SBPrompt – Where The Magic Happens…

I unapologetically spend about 10+ hours of my day here in this spot. Of course, food & bathroom breaks also happen in the course of that timeframe and if you follow me on FourSquare, I do actually go outside in the big scary world sometimes. I’m a 99% Ubuntu Linux user, for when you were wondering why I don’t have Win[bl]ows or Mac as my OS of choice. [I have a dual-boot environment and will use Win[bl]ows when a program doesn’t want to play nice in Linux.]

I keep colored pencils and a coloring book nearby because fits of anxiety tend to go awash over me, and coloring helps reduce some of the symptoms. I’m well aware the space in my desk looks like chaos but I assure you that it is organized chaos. It’s mostly notebooks, a drawing pad, a Maxim issue with Olivia Wilde as the feature from 2009 and a few more odds n’ ends like the packaging and waranty paperwork for my Trancend flash drive that’s guaranteed for life.

I hate desktop icons if you’re wondering why my desktop has none. I treated my old Android phone much the same way and went after apps in the drawer instead of clicking on the icon. Can’t do that with my current iPhone sadly so I picked one of the default boring backgrounds for my homescreen so nothing that I would actually want to look at is covered up by app icons.

YGM: Plum Paper

Today my Plum Paper planner arrived from my big back to school giveaway win. The planner itself is a LOT bigger than it is pictured so don’t let it fool you. I received a regular planner but Plum Paper also sells family planners, meal planners, academic planners [teacher and student], wedding and fitness planners. There are also add-on months and note pages to make your planner span a longer date frame, or maybe you just take a lot of notes!

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to use the planner for [as I have my Letter C notebook in my bag] but I may just shove it in there as well because you never know what you need it for. Perhaps blog topic ideas or tracking my monthly cycle [because it’s so gosh darn erratic lately trying to sync with Rin’s despite the fact she’s 100 miles away….]

This planner spans September 2013 until August 2014. There’s quite a few options available to you on Plum Paper’s website as far as the insides of the planner. I chose to have the lines option [basically just lines to write on for the particular day.]



YGM: Kinies


My huge, giant bag from Kinies arrived! It’s handmade and made of canvas. I’d like to mention that it is also a LINT TRAP! I had it set on my bed and it was picking up bits and bobs of blanket fuzz. They also send via DHL/FedEx [In the US] and need a signature so make sure you [or another adult.] is home to sign for your package. [Also, it comes International Urgent, so you might be getting the FedEx dude at your door at a godawful hour in the morning.]

It’s super versatile on how you can carry it. (small carry strap on the top, or you can use the large carry strap, which can go on the top, diagonal or through a loop on the top of the back of the bag and form backpack straps.)

At first I thought I was jipped out of a large strap for the right side, but then I ended up figuring out how the backpack setup was supposed to work [and keep in mind Kinies did not include any instructions on how to do this/how the bag can be carried several ways so you’re kinda on your own to figure it out. So before you go hitting up Kinies wondering where the other large strap is, feed your single large strap through the loop and fasten it at the bottom.]

Large strap goes through the loop like so, and there are D-rings on the bottom of the bag that the strap clips to, so you’re ultimately just folding the large strap in half.