#20SBPrompt – Where The Magic Happens…

I unapologetically spend about 10+ hours of my day here in this spot. Of course, food & bathroom breaks also happen in the course of that timeframe and if you follow me on FourSquare, I do actually go outside in the big scary world sometimes. I’m a 99% Ubuntu Linux user, for when you were wondering why I don’t have Win[bl]ows or Mac as my OS of choice. [I have a dual-boot environment and will use Win[bl]ows when a program doesn’t want to play nice in Linux.]

I keep colored pencils and a coloring book nearby because fits of anxiety tend to go awash over me, and coloring helps reduce some of the symptoms. I’m well aware the space in my desk looks like chaos but I assure you that it is organized chaos. It’s mostly notebooks, a drawing pad, a Maxim issue with Olivia Wilde as the feature from 2009 and a few more odds n’ ends like the packaging and waranty paperwork for my Trancend flash drive that’s guaranteed for life.

I hate desktop icons if you’re wondering why my desktop has none. I treated my old Android phone much the same way and went after apps in the drawer instead of clicking on the icon. Can’t do that with my current iPhone sadly so I picked one of the default boring backgrounds for my homescreen so nothing that I would actually want to look at is covered up by app icons.

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