Fire & Flood

Today’s been a crazy one as far as natural disasters…

Boulder, CO is dealing with flooding and as of 2:30pm, here in New Jersey, Seaside Park/Heights is dealing with a 8-alarm fire that basically engulfed the entirety of the boardwalk.

We just got up and running after Hurricane Sandy and things were starting to look up.

The smoke is travelling so fast from the 28 mph winds that you can see it in Ocean Gate, which is about a mile away from me. Ocean Gate is about 13 miles away from Seaside Park/Heights. It’s absolutely crazy.

The fire started in a custard stand that was closed up for the season [or perhaps even still closed from Sandy] and with the wind the way it was, it just burned its way up the boardwalk. At least 32 businesses that people got their living from are completely destroyed.

The fire as of 8pm EST is still not contained and we’re hoping that a band of rain that we’re supposed to be getting will come help the firefighters get a grip on it.