The Happiness Project: Childhood Obsessions

I come from the generation of Pokémon [The trading cards, the video games, the TV show, you name it.]

However, I had an obsession with Sailor Moon before Pokémon became a “thing” here in the States.

I remember waking up at 6am every morning just so I could see which bad monster Sailor Moon was going to slay that day.

While some girls really loved Mamoru [Tuxedo Mask] I had a HUGE crush on Haruka. I guess you could say it was the “gateway drug” into me figuring out I was gay. [I honestly thought Mamo was a butthead.]

[I’m using the Japanese names for the characters because even though I grew up with it, I hate the dub, for various, various reasons. Censoring Haruka/Michiru’s relationship and changing genders of characters is two of them.]

Growing up I thought it was “just another cartoon” on TV, it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I discovered it was actually an anime. [Japanese Animation] I started watching boatloads of anime shows up until graduating High School. I then did a flip to strictly gaming.

I’m not up on the latest and greatest animes these days [Last one I watched that was ‘new’ at the time was Hetalia and I was like the FUCK am I watching?! Some kids even claim they’re learning all their history from this show…]

Anyway, Sailor Moon recently celebrated 20 years and that makes me feel old..

In celebrating 20 years too, they’re making a whole new anime and are streaming it online this winter.

Not a lot is known about it at the moment though which is kinda sad.

There’s also new musicals out in which Mamoru is played by a woman.

Haruka’s got a bit of competition now…

Another thing I loved as a kid was pogs. You might think they were the most stupidest things ever but THEY WERE AWESOME.

So many awesome designs, but eventually they got phased out because  many schools put a ban on them, including my own. [They thought we were gambling. Seriously?] If you got caught with them you got detention.

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  1. First of all thanks for linking up!

    Reading all these posts and comments I got about childhood obsessions reminded me of some that I had but forgot about. Sailor Moon is one of them 😀 They used to broadcast the show at 7am on Saturdays and would play like 2 – 3 episodes after each other and I LOVED watching them! That was however the online anime kind of show I ever got into, I guess pokémon just took over after that for me 😀

    xo Grace

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