YGM: Kinies


My huge, giant bag from Kinies arrived! It’s handmade and made of canvas. I’d like to mention that it is also a LINT TRAP! I had it set on my bed and it was picking up bits and bobs of blanket fuzz. They also send via DHL/FedEx [In the US] and need a signature so make sure you [or another adult.] is home to sign for your package. [Also, it comes International Urgent, so you might be getting the FedEx dude at your door at a godawful hour in the morning.]

It’s super versatile on how you can carry it. (small carry strap on the top, or you can use the large carry strap, which can go on the top, diagonal or through a loop on the top of the back of the bag and form backpack straps.)

At first I thought I was jipped out of a large strap for the right side, but then I ended up figuring out how the backpack setup was supposed to work [and keep in mind Kinies did not include any instructions on how to do this/how the bag can be carried several ways so you’re kinda on your own to figure it out. So before you go hitting up Kinies wondering where the other large strap is, feed your single large strap through the loop and fasten it at the bottom.]

Large strap goes through the loop like so, and there are D-rings on the bottom of the bag that the strap clips to, so you’re ultimately just folding the large strap in half.

The bag has a drawstring closure and a top flap that secures to a D-ring on the front for extra security.

With two pockets underneath the top flap and a plethora of pockets inside, there’s more than enough storage space for all your stuff. I’m pretty certain small tablets and laptop/netbooks would fit in here comfortably. [I have a 12in Chromebook but I haven’t tried to put it in there yet.]

This’ll make an excellent day-trip or beach bag for me!