YGM: Plum Paper

Today my Plum Paper planner arrived from my big back to school giveaway win. The planner itself is a LOT bigger than it is pictured so don’t let it fool you. I received a regular planner but Plum Paper also sells family planners, meal planners, academic planners [teacher and student], wedding and fitness planners. There are also add-on months and note pages to make your planner span a longer date frame, or maybe you just take a lot of notes!

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to use the planner for [as I have my Letter C notebook in my bag] but I may just shove it in there as well because you never know what you need it for. Perhaps blog topic ideas or tracking my monthly cycle [because it’s so gosh darn erratic lately trying to sync with Rin’s despite the fact she’s 100 miles away….]

This planner spans September 2013 until August 2014. There’s quite a few options available to you on Plum Paper’s website as far as the insides of the planner. I chose to have the lines option [basically just lines to write on for the particular day.]


In the very back of the planner is a “for keeps” folder where you can stick odd n’ ends like business cards and receipts.


There’s also a page to figure out what day a holiday falls on as well as a Contacts page for people’s telephone numbers and addresses.

Plum Paper’s under a limited order run now as she’s expecting a baby so if you want to order anything from her, have a bit o’ patience doing so!

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  1. ooh this is adorable! I haven’t used a planner since school, but this kind of makes me want to pick one up =p

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