You’ve Got Mail: Stella & Dot, Sawyer Sewing

Another round of maaaaaaail~!

First my win from Ruthie & Rose, a Stella & Dot leopard print travel case! Thanks so much ladies! Plan to use it to house some things when I travel. 🙂

You can connect with Laurie and Jessica on their blog and on their twitter

and another item from the Back To School giveaway came in on Saturday…

Sawyer Sewing

I seriously get confused when people use their home addresses / real names and not their Etsy store names when shipping things out because my Mum then asks “Who do you know in such-and-such-place?” and I won’t know what the thing is until I open it…

Funnily enough, Megan, the owner of Sawyer Sewing lives right here in NJ up in Cranford where my Dad grew up. How rad is that?!

Megan offered up a pencil-case [or any other zip-up $7 or less] and I opted for the pencil-case because I just got a new bag and it’s bigger than my old one so I had a feeling I would be fishing for the things I need in it. A pencil-case helps keep all my writing utensils in an easy-to-find place and not dumping out the bag to find them.

As usual, I love shops that include business cards so I can find them later when I want to do some retail therapy. [It also adds to my collection.]

You can connect with Megan on her etsy, her Facebook, her twitter, and her instagram.