[Review] BingoShop

A few weeks ago, my Vanille wig that I had since 2011 finally decided it was going to give up. It would not stop frizzing out and not only that, the pigtail holders unfortunately got wet, did not dry as much as I thought they did and well…we can say much reeking was going on.

I finally broke down and purchased a new one, and pretty much went in blind. Blind to the fact that I did not measure my noggin and there was a chance that the wig could not fit. Hiding hair wasn’t a problem because I don’t have much of it anymore. [My previous wig had to stuff elbow-length hair underneath it, and as such we stretched the thing out…]

I hopped onto good ol’ eBay and shopped around, looking for the cheapest price, as well as free shipping because that’s how I roll. I try to avoid paying shipping costs as much as possible. [Thus why on Amazon my Mum shares her Prime subscription with me. 2 day free shipping woop!]

Shopping on eBay really is nerve-racking when you’re a cosplayer.  Because not only do you have sizing to worry about, sellers also will rip each others’ product photos so you really do not know what you’re getting because three sellers have the same photos of a product.

Am I discouraging you yet? I hope not, because lo and behold I found one, and I told myself, JUST DO IT. You have buyer protection if they flub.

I ordered the wig on October 3rd, 2013 from BingoShop, and it shipped out the next day. [the 4th, Hot damn!] It flopped in limbo for a while until the 12th where it showed up as processing through customs in New York. [It’s a wig, it’s not going to kill people…unless they get a loose fiber and choke on it…] It did some traveling from New York to New Jersey for a day before showing up on my doorstep on October 15th, 2013.

It was packed up rather nice, usually people ball wigs up, shove ’em in a packing envelope and send them on their way. BingoShop went an extra mile to make sure the wig wasn’t about to get all squished up in transit and placed a white cardboard thingiejig around it. The wig itself was in a wig net and then closed up in a resealable plastic bag. They even threw in a free wig cap. [Bonus!] I already have one, but it’s always nice to have extras on hand for when you lose them.

All in all, BingoShop gets A+ marks. I’ll just have to trim up the front of the wig a bit. It’s a little long and gets behind my glasses and stabs me in the eyeballs. @_@