Seven Deadly Sins

All you need to do is copy & paste this list, link-up, and have fun finding out others’ guilty pleasures.  
seven great things in your life.
1. My girlfriend
2. Majority of my family
3. The few online & RL friends that have stuck it out through the years
5. I may be broke, but I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, a place to sleep/shower, & clean clothes every day
6.  I defied the odds. I wasn’t supposed to leave the hospital when I was born
7.  CATS
seven things you lack and covet.
1. Kisses/hugs/other forms of PDA from girlfriend [’tis a given.]
2.  Own dwelling [SOON.]
3. Patience
4. Time
5. Chocolate
6.  Cake
7. 3DS
seven things that make you angry.
1. Majority of human beings
2. Being woken up for no reason
3. Religion [and its extremists]
4. Candy Crush Saga
5.  Politics
6. Failing
7. Not having enough time / energy
seven things that you neglect to do.
1. Make my bed
2. Exercise
3. Eat three meals
4. Put the toilet seat down [I have my bathroom, and no one’s in there but me!]
5.  Tell people I love them [I prefer to show them. Actions speak louder than words yanno.]
6. Wear socks around the house
7. Sleep at normal people hours
seven worldly material desires.
1. Cat
2.  Dog
3.  Custom-built PC that will last me a good while [pfffffff….hahahaha]
4.  3DS
5. Animal Crossing New Leaf
6, Money, Lots of it.
7. Plane tickets to visit the rest of this big blue Earth thing
seven guilty pleasures.
I am not guilty of the things I take pleasure in.

seven things you love about love.
1. The butterflies.
2. Sweet texts.
3. Being best friends.
4. Laughing at each other.
5. The sparks.
6. The passion.
7. Always having another to rely on.
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