Spirit Day 2013

Spirit Day if you don’t know, is a movement to wear purple annually on October 17th to raise awareness of LGBT+ youth being bullied. The name comes from the purple stripe of the rainbow flag which represents spirit. It originally started on October 20th, 2010.

I consider myself lucky in a way that I was not bullied for being gay. I was still in the ‘feeling out’ stages when I was in school, so I pretty much shoved myself into the deepest, darkest, dustiest part of the closet to avoid any of it. I dealt with enough bullying as a child for my disability, I didn’t feel like dealing with it all again.

I’m well aware that it happens a lot more now than when I was attending school and it really, for the lack of a better word, blows.

I’m doing my part by wearing purple.

There’s a hell of a lot of other things that you could do besides that, though, Volunteer, give to GLAAD and The Trevor Project [or your local LGBT+ youth / adult organization if you’re outside of the US.]

Sometimes it’s as simple as “I’m not going to stand by and let this person bully this other person.”

It’s going to get better, and you should be alive to witness it.

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  1. My daughter is friends with a gay girl in her high school. This poor girl gets picked on, beat up and harassed on a daily basis. Her parents apparently don’t care enough to stop it. There is very little I can do as I am not her mother. How can I help? I live in “Armpit” Virginia, which consists mostly of white country boys with guns in their trucks and dip in their lips and girls who love that. I have a Korean son. He is the only Asian in his school. This place isn’t what you would call diverse and open. I don’t know how to help this poor girl. I don’t know how I can make the school protect her. Any ideas?

  2. Happy that awareness is being raised about this huge issue! I’m not gay but was bullied in school, and my brother as well as my daughter’s Godmom are gay and I know just how terrible kids and even adults sadly can be. We homeschool our daughter partially because of what I went through. I hope parents can teach their kids to be kind and not so damn mean to those who are different to them.

  3. This is a great post to raise awareness! I am bisexual and while I was never bullied for it, I have experienced a lot of discrimination or stereotyping from both the LG community and straight communities. I actually wrote a blog post about it. Love is love! And bullying someone for who they love or are attracted to is NOT okay!

    Lynsey | Eternally WanderLyn

    1. Thanks for reading Lynsey! I’m gunna go check out that blog post right now. 🙂

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