Trying [and failing] to find community

If you’re no stranger to this blog, then you know Rin & I have a bit of distance between us. Physical distance. Depending on how you wanna go traveling via Google Maps, that distance equates to about 100 miles give or take.  Such is life when you meet your significant other at a convention. Sometimes you get lucky and they’ll live relatively close, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. You either stick it out like a champ [like we are!] or just don’t even bother.

What really sucks is when you’re trying to find a community to fit in to. Find yo’ peepz that know exactly what you’re going through. However, the community will poo all over your relationship because the mileage isn’t vast enough. I’ve saw this kind of particularly shitty behavior on the Loving From A Distance forums and on the Long Distance subreddit. Yes this behavior was directed at me.

I see your 100 miles of distance and raise you 528 miles of distance!

When the fuck did it become a pissing contest? We’re all in the same boat. The boat of distance sucks and you don’t see your significant other as much as you like because of said shitty distance or finances!

Sure, I don’t have a $500 7 hour plane ride, but I do have a $40 [and expect that to rise.] hour and change bus ride. $40 isn’t “just a drop in the bucket” for a person on a limited income. ‘cos let’s face it, if it were up to me, my ass would be in NYC near every weekend and it would be so worth the $160 a month.

So rather then turning relationships with distance into a pissing contest, let’s just all band together and get through so we can go to the point where the distance is conquered.

Wow that made me sound like such a hippie.

Oh well.

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  1. I’m kind of having a hard time understanding how a community that is supposed to be a support group for long distance relationships would quantify the amount of support you are entitled to based on distance. You love. You aren’t together. Isn’t that the end of the story? Honey, just move on. You’ll either find an actual community of caring individuals to help you through your journey or you will gash your own path through the world and fuck the rest of them. I can’t imagine what kind of asshats must be on that site. And I’m on a major fixed income. I can’t even get one hour up the road to see my best friend more than a few times a year. $40 is a water bill or half a grocery budget. You don’t have to apologize to anyone. Good luck!

    1. Ya’know, I actually thought about all this once I got it all out in the open air. *laughs* I did feel better after writing it so I guess that accounts for something!! 🙂 I felt like it was a topic that should go up in the open rather than locked away in my other journal.

  2. That sounds terrible. My husband was in the military and we’ve been both short & long distances apart…and they’re all frustrating. And *if* you have to argue about something, wouldn’t it make more sense to go based on time between visits, versus actual distance….

    1. Right?! It is a real big pile of suck. 🙁

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