What Falling In Love Feels Like

Rin and I have been together for a year & seven [running joke due to her goofing last month and jumping the gun, so we just decided to add three & four together.] four months. We’re not officially married yet, but we consider each other as “my wife” because we’re just that non-traditional. Even our whole getting together wasn’t all that “Will you go out with me?”.  We’ll make the wife thing official in front of a officiate some time in the future, but we’re not a couple who’s into the whole UHauling thing and as such, we’re taking it easy.

Falling in love my friends, it can feel pretty damn awesome and that’s not even the half of it. I actually cannot form words for the whole of it, because love at its core is pretty indescribable because it is very much different for each person. I don’t feel love can be clear-cut defined [even though it is…]

Some people lament the even slightest inkling of a crush because they feel they’re not “good enough” for a relationship and end up blowing things way, way, way, out of proportion. I’m actually observing this kind of behavior with a few friends and sometimes you just wanna smack them upside the head to hope they get the point. I can understand the anxiety, but sometimes you just GOTTA DO IT! otherwise you’re 99.9% certain you’re going to miss your chance.

You may feel like there’s absolutely no one in the whole wide world for you, but face it, in a world of over a billion people, you are bound to find your person [or persons!] It takes a lot of trial [and undoubtedly error.] on your part, [or even their part, who knows.] but hey, you might get lucky and the first person you get with ends up being your soul mate and if they don’t, don’t just give up and become all pessimistic and grumpy. [Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, people!]

Just keep remembering that anything can happen, and love can be bestowed on even the most sick & twisted of people. Sure, that sounds morbid but even they may have their person!

8 Replies to “What Falling In Love Feels Like”

  1. Awww, that gave me the warm fuzzy feels for the night! I’m so glad you have found your special person. I think I finally found mine. He’s dealt with a lot and we aren’t really traditional either. We’ve been together ten years, but don’t want to get married. We just raise our kids and have a silly home where goofy junk happens all the time. Isn’t it nice when you get over the drama and finally just feel right?

    1. Absolutely!! Life’s just way too too short for all that drama. I currently live in a household that looms with drama & petty crap. Can’t wait to escape!!

  2. Sweet post! Love is indescribable. 🙂 holley4734.wordpress.com

    1. It really, really is. It is so different for everybody. 🙂

  3. I’m glad you found your human 🙂

    1. I am too!! 😀

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your heart so openly! This post made me smile big time!


    1. Glad to have made you smile today!! 😀

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