YGM: Pirate Kitty Crafts

I was beginning to wonder where my Cake Necklace from Pirate Kitty Crafts ended up and was about to email Cat when it finally arrived last Thursday. As an apology for the delay in sending my swag out, she also included a Cake ring. Unfortunately, the necklace arrived broken, and does not have the ring that the bar fits into. Luckily the ring was unbroken and is adjustable. I’m just quite disappointed to have a broken necklace and not only that, it took more than a month to arrive.

Here’s a close up of the broken piece, my necklace is supposed to look like the one pictured below:


I’m glad I got a ring out of the deal, and I may just have to buy a new toggle chain for the necklace.

Needless to say I am a bit disappointed!

2 Replies to “YGM: Pirate Kitty Crafts”

  1. Did you report it to the shop owner? Sometimes they send a new one. 😡

    1. Yeah I was thinking about that… but after waiting nearly a month [with no notice of hey, it’s going to be late.] for the one I got I’m kinda “ehhhh….” on that.

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