NaBloPoMo – Day 10

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

NY @ Night
NY @ Night (Photo credit: donnjmck)

I am most definitely a night owl, however my current sleep pattern [which I hope to stick to to at least AnimeNEXT 2014.] rises me at 10am and I’m knocked out at 12am. A few years ago I would manage staying awake until 3 to 5 in the morning and still be rip roaring to go. I would end up using this time to blog and schedule the posts at a more… “normal people” hour. ¬†Unfortunately, this night owl nature of mine has a negative side [just like anything else.] I’m a VERY light sleeper, once I’m awake, that’s it. There’s no chance I’m going back to sleep unless I’m extremely knocked-out tired.