NaBloPoMo – Day 4

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I often wonder what it would be like if I was able-bodied, free of anorexia,  anxiety & depression and able to be on the spectrum of hearing folks. I’d like to live a day where my disabilities aren’t actually a thing. I by all means still would not be the “perfect” person as such a person does not exist. Would my personality be affected by this change? Perhaps! I’d be an even happier person. I’d probably put on some healthy weight and actually embrace my body rather than rebelling against it.

I wouldn’t wake up in pain every day, I would be able to hear the things I’m missing out on. I wouldn’t need to hold things three inches from my face to see them. That ridiculous limp? Gone, because my legs are actually the same length rather a two-inch difference between them. I’d have full use of my right hand, and perhaps I’d actually be right-handed instead of being force lefty.

It is definite wishful thinking.