2013 in Review

As I prepare to close out another year with my friends and family near and far, I wanna take some time to look back on the past 12 months of blogging. I of course won’t cover December because that’ll just be a broken record. I’ll also close out this post with a fun little yearly meme that Aunt Becky got a lot of us in Band Back Together hooked on doing. 🙂

In January I wrote about my self-harm recovery, something that I really bore my soul with on writing. I am proud of myself for writing that. It makes me happy to know I can overcome serious struggles in life if I just keep with it.

February brought along an update to my still ongoing struggle with the government to get disability benefits, I ended up going to “their doctors” to have my physical and mental exams. I wrote about Sarah and I’s love story for Valentine’s Day, even if it’s a particular holiday neither of us are that fond of and don’t bother celebrating it. G, Fi and I went to Jenkinson’s Aquarium on its first day reopening since it was closed down by Hurricane Sandy. My grandfather on my Dad’s side also turned 90 years old this month. I also did a little posting on being an atheist.

In March I visited Sarah in NYC, got back into Dance Dance Revolution, partook in the 2013 edition of the Scintilla Project and went to the movies in the first time in forever to see Oz: The Great & Powerful. I also got another update to my disability case, in which I was denied again.

In April I started reading/listening to the webcomic Homestuck and expressed my feelings on the tragedies that happened during the Boston Marathon ans well as the Texas plant explosion.

May I turned twenty-five and got word my disability case was submitted for a hearing and I expressed my excitement for AnimeNEXT 2013.

June had AnimeNEXT2013, a visit to the zoo and small victories for the LGBT+ community.

July was the half-way point of 2013, I got some cute bracelets, screeched about people being ignorant about LDRs, and went to a ballgame.

In August, there was private family-related issues, discovered coloring helped with anxious feelings, went to the beach near every week, put plans in motion to go road-tripping, had a sad about my phone not being able to use Instagram, and got an iPhone to replace that dinosaur phone. I talked about bearing raw feelings and went fishing.

September was eventful with flooding in Colorado and a fire here in Seaside. I also talked about my blogging style.

I went back to NYC in October, and talked about what falling in love feels like after being together for a year, and lamented not really feeling like I fit in to the online LDR community. We also celebrated Mew-o-Ween, as usual.

and finally, in November, I did a whole month of NaBloPoMo and talked about my sexuality.

Since I talked your ear off already, I’mma put the meme after the break. 😉


Christmas 2013

I made out very good with Santa this year again! 😀

Gimmie your 3DS friend codes! We’ll play Animal Crossing together and I’ll derp about your town. 🙂 I got -a ton- of Hello Kitty clothes [Boring for some BUT AWESOME FOR ME!] , and a 50$ GC. Unfortunately it won’t cover my original plans of pre-ordering Lightning Returns but that’s alright, I got other plans for it now. *cackle*

[Review] Tantus Alumnia Revolve

Overall, the Alumnia Revolve was a great introduction into the world of non-vibrating toys for me. It’s easy to care for and can be combined with other parts of the Alumnia line to make A SUPER DILDO. [or rather, one you may enjoy all around.]

Pros: Easily cleaned, can be used with other Alumnias
Cons: Bit on the weighty side
The Alumnia Revolve is a interchangeable body-safe aluminum [aeronautic-grade] dildo. If you were lucky enough to pick up the other parts in the Alumina line, they are able to play along with the Revolve via unscrewing whatever part you want to take off the Revolve and add on parts from the Alumnia Flow and Motion dildos. This creates a customizable toy to your liking. It is shiny and more pinkish in color. Unfortunately my camera didn’t play all that nice with it and made it out to be purple-y. Keep in mind that this aluminum is very rigid and has no “give”. You’re not going to be able to squish it like you would a soda can. 
The dildo’s got some weight to it, and might even work out as a weapon if you need it. *wink* It is 8 1/4″ total in length with 8″ of it being insertable. The diameter of the larger bulbous end is 1 1/8″ while the diameter of the graduating “bubbles” end is 3/4″, 7/8″, and 1 1/4″ (listed smallest to largest) 

The Revolve is temperature play friendly, and holds onto heat and cold well. I found it even held on to my own body heat upon removal from my cunt. Revolve is both vaginal and anal friendly, but it does not have a flared base. Make sure you are keeping a grip on the toy when playing anally. 


The packaging of the Revolve is in a few words: reusable, pretty & minimal. 
A outline of the toy is on the top of the case, so it is not discreet at all. Lifting the case exposes a small folded booklet of the other toys in the Alumina line and a small blurb from Tantus about the Alumnia line itself. Picking up the foam cover reveals the Revolve nestled in a foam cut out.


This packaging is also good enough to keep around as a storage unit for the toy to keep it from being bumped around by anything else you may have.

Care & Feeding

Care & Feeding of the Revolve is pretty simple, being it is non-porous and made out of aluminum, you have a few choices. You can clean it with warm water and anti-bac soap or place it in your dishwasher’s top rack, without dish soap of course.

Revolve is friendly with all lubricants so choose your favorite and go to town!

Functions / Noise

The Revolve has no vibrating or moving parts, there are no functions to play with nor does it make any noise. This would be a discreet toy in regards of playing with others around.

The Alumnia Revolve was my first dildo ever. I come from a long line of using vibrating toys to get off so this was definitely a change of pace for me. I quickly learned that like a lot of women, internal stimulation is unlikely to get me off as the sole player. I found the single bulb end extremely underwhelming. It was like pop it in and…”That’s it?” and I really didn’t feel it after that. The “bubbly” end had more texture and feeling and really enjoyed playing with that end. To get off though, I had to pair the Revolve with my Fairy Rechargeable. Not a huge deal. Being the Alumnia line is now no longer in production by Tantus, I’m kind of sad I will not be able to get my paws on Flow or Motion to try out other Alumnia parts. I do however, feel pretty rad owning the last Revolve in existence.
Overall Verdict: 3 out of 5 paws up

Christmas Box 2013

There was a lot of inhuman noises and rolling around on the floor when I got this in the mail today. But before that I was a little grumpy because the person delivering [our secondary mailperson.] just left the package on the porch. I am assuming he knocks but I never hear it because let’s not forget I AM DEAF. This person just drops things and dashes. IT IS REALLY OKAY TO RING THE DOORBELL EVEN IF MY MOM’S TRUCK ISN’T IN THE DRIVEWAY!

My primary mailperson is aware of this and always rings the bell. [Both that I’m deaf and there’s almost always somebody home regardless of vehicle.]

Let’s see why I was rolling on the floor, shall we?


I also got two boxes of Hello Kitty fruit snacks, bubblegum [there’s sooo a joke here I can taste it. ;33] and a journal that I plan to start writing in next year. *wiggle*

I’m just really excited because my girls are together: