Christmas Box 2013

There was a lot of inhuman noises and rolling around on the floor when I got this in the mail today. But before that I was a little grumpy because the person delivering [our secondary mailperson.] just left the package on the porch. I am assuming he knocks but I never hear it because let’s not forget I AM DEAF. This person just drops things and dashes. IT IS REALLY OKAY TO RING THE DOORBELL EVEN IF MY MOM’S TRUCK ISN’T IN THE DRIVEWAY!

My primary mailperson is aware of this and always rings the bell. [Both that I’m deaf and there’s almost always somebody home regardless of vehicle.]

Let’s see why I was rolling on the floor, shall we?


I also got two boxes of Hello Kitty fruit snacks, bubblegum [there’s sooo a joke here I can taste it. ;33] and a journal that I plan to start writing in next year. *wiggle*

I’m just really excited because my girls are together: