Leibster Award: Take 4

Nora nominated me for the Liebster Award.

If you’ve been hanging out here quite a while, you’ll be happy to know that this is now my fourth one. *laughs* The award graphic itself has been reincarnated each time too which is funny.

Thank you Nora for nominating me! Here’s the answers to your questions.

1) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’m not at all picky where, so as long as my girlfriend is with me! 😛

2) What is one think you miss about being a kid?

I don’t think I miss, I KNOW I miss not having adult responsibilities and the stress that comes along with them.

3) Who is your favorite actor or actress?

My favorite actor is Heath Ledger [I MISS YOU, DUDE.] and my favorite actress is Olivia Wilde.

4) What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Forget the past, focus on the present and get your goddamn head out of the future because if you spend your life worrying about it, it’s just going to pass you by.

4) Are there any foods you’ve never had but would like to?

I want to try Katsudon.

5) What is one possession or object that make you happy?

My Derpy Hooves necklace that Rin got me.

6) Do you believe in soul mates?


7) What countries have you traveled to?

I’ve never been out of the US.

8) What are you scared of?

Dogs [yet I live with one..], heights, dark, clowns, needles, dolls, thunder & lightning..

..and that’s just the shortened version. *cough*

9) What is your favorite meal of the day?

I don’t have a favorite. I have a love/hate relationship with food.

10) Are you a dog person or cat person?


11) Do you believe in luck?

I guess.