Way to go, Me!

So unless you’ve lived under a rock this past month, I’ve been partaking in NaBloPoMo. It was pretty exciting to do even though I cheated halfway through it and scheduled posts and not writing them out as they come up on the particular day. But hey, I’m a rebel and rules are meant to be broken! Last time I checked, NaBloPoMo only had one rule: to POST EVERY DAY! And I did that! *woop woop*

In other news, I think I’m going to continue going with this because even though I cheated, it was kinda fun! Some of the prompts were challenging though. What I think I’m going to do to combat that, is only post the prompts that are easy for me to whip out. [because lazy.]

I did the Photo-A-Day challenge [as usual.] also, but I unfortunately fell off the bandwagon [again] with it. Fear not though, I plan to press on and continue posting the prompts I can!!

Fruit // I Did This Today

I Collect… // P is For…


2 Replies to “Way to go, Me!”

  1. Oops. Apparently I’m cheating my way through my first NaBloPoMo. I already have a weeks worth of blogs scheduled up. :/ Rebels unite!

    1. Woohoo!! *high five!*

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