[Review] Cake For Breakfast

Late in 2013, TwentySomething Bloggers gave me another awesome opportunity. This time around it was to check out and review Cake For Breakfast, an e-course / journaling exercise over 52 weeks for twenty-somethings that want to live on their own terms created by Ashley of Your Super Awesome Life.

The course’s goal is to help you figure out who you are and what you want out of YOUR life. If you’re anything like me, I have not a clue what I want out of my life but I do somewhat have a grip on who I am. Cake For Breakfast just helped me get a foothold on the other question I’m struggling with.

The course includes the before mentioned journal exercise [prompts delivered weekly to your inbox] and you can journal privately or publicly on good ol’ pen & paper [or digitally if that’s more your style.] a 50 page PDF workbook and three audio sessions.

The workbook and journal prompts really made me want to stop and actually think, “HMMMM!” and spend time on my answer and not mindlessly and blindly barrel through everything like I normally do.

I would have liked to see transcriptions for the audio sessions as I am partly deaf and Ashley’s voice sometimes became difficult to understand. I often had to go back and repeat certain sections of the audio courses to make sure I was hearing things properly and clearly.

The workbook .PDF unfortunately did not come with fillable sections, so to use it you would have to print it out. 50+ full-color pages does indeed take a hit on your printer [and your wallet!]

Overall Cake For Breakfast is a GREAT course for those of you who really want to grab your twenties by the balls and really, really figure what the absolute hell you want to do with your life!

Thank you TwentySomething Bloggers & Ashley for the great opportunity to try something totally awesome. 🙂

[Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.]

Cake for Breakfast: Favorite Places

What makes this place so special for you? Is it the visual beauty? The sound, the weather, the comfort? Who are you with?

I spend at least 99% of my time in this room. It’s quiet, I’m surrounded by my things and I really only leave to go in search of food or use the toilet.

Cake For Breakfast: Awesomeness

Why are you awesome?

My awesomeness shines through in my ability to grab something technological, tinker with it for a while and then it’s like a duck to water. Earlier this month my parents purchased a new PC and Windows 8 came with it. I had zero knowledge of 8, and what I did know of it, I hated it. I tinkered with it while it was still in beta, but the UI really turned me off. Fun fact: it took me nearly an hour just to figure out how to shut the damn PC off.

I’m proud of my parents though, they’re out of the stone age. Let’s hope this PC lasts them another 10+ years like the other one.