Cake For Breakfast: Inspiration

What makes you feel inspired? Where do you find that moments that stimulate you, excite you, and fill you with passion and energy?

Funnily enough I get inspired by a lot of things. I could find a post on the Internet via Tumblr or Facebook or even Twitter sometimes and spring-board off of that. My biggest inspiration though, is from experiencing things in life. People might find it dumb or odd to write about incredibly mundane things about your life but you’ll be surprised that I forgot about a lot of the things that happened to me in 2013. Writing helps me remember. Taking pictures helps me remember. If I didn’t do either of these things, I wouldn’t remember. Photos and words helps to freeze the memory in time for me. 

I still LIVE the moments and memories, don’t even doubt that for a second. 

I feel so much energy and emotion when recalling things. Especially the good things.