Mew Years 2014

My Mew Year’s Eve & Day was / are fairly quiet, exactly how I like it. [Fireworks aside, of course.] I watched The Hobbit on HBO and then around 11pm hopped onto Animal Crossing to partake in their Mew Year festival with Sarah and our friend Mituna. I ended up falling asleep a little after 1am [Yeah yeah, lightweight.] because I was already up past the normal time I go to sleep and was pumping myself full of coffee. Bad idea.

27 minutes to go~!

Happy Mew Year!!

It’s like we know something you don’t…. >333

And this is how I’m going to fondly remember 2014,  yelling PORN!!!! at 1am with Sarah in Animal Crossing.

Let’s do it again next year! I enjoyed hanging out with everyone~