Best & Worst

Does blogging bring out your best or worst self?

When there’s touchy subjects, I tend to get into a pretty ugly head space and not really care whose toes I’m stepping on. I get pretty rowdy about LGBT+ issues, and I find myself blasting religious extremists pretty often since their shitty negative opinions tend to piss me right the fuck off.  I’m not even going to apologize for my “french” because it’s the truth.

But since I often don’t how to control my anger, I keep those kinds of things mostly to myself or write them down out of the public. I’ve written before about it publicly, but it just got really ugly. Since I’m a person that absolutely goes out of her way to avoid conflict, I find it a better option to just not say anything despite the fact that you just wanna knock some sense into a person.

Other than that, I’m mostly bringing out the best me and not the ugly, ARGH KITTY SMASH! me.

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