New Jersey Devils vs Minnesota Wild [03/20/14]

We were absolutely rolling over this sign…. Lol

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to a live hockey game. Last time I went we scored club seats and were able to get food from the “Fire Lounge” rather than from the various concessions around the arena. This time we purchased seats from a Season Ticket holder that wasn’t going to be attending the game via the NHL Ticket Exchange…and it turned out that they were CHEAPER than regular ol’ tickets purchased directly from the box office.

We had lower level seating and were 18 rows from the ice. Not a whole lot of stair climbing and you don’t get that “falling forward” feeling like you do if you sit in the upper level [and it’s even worse in the “nosebleed section”] Just the way this gimpy girl likes it. The only small gripe we had was that they would not give me the cap to my water bottle so I had to basically vice grip this bottle to keep it from going everywhere  AND try to hold on as I’m walking down the steps to our row. [I have a legitimate fear of walking down stairs due to falling down them countless times…]

It was overall a great game [because we won, of course.] and I even got a few Streetpass tags on my 3DS. I was expecting more, but the few I got helped me finish some of the puzzles on Puzzle Swap. Still stuck on a stupid Blood Ghost in Find Mii though. Grrrrr.

Only a small scuffle. No major fights this game. [Boo!]
Our Mascot, the Jersey Devil

It was a nerve-wrecking Overtime [as they usually are…] but we won! YAY!!
To see all my photos from the game, check out my Flickr set that has the photos in full-resolution. Don’t expect super awesome kickass photos though, I only have an iPhone 4 in my photo-taking arsenal.