So on Thursday afternoon, there was a major brush fire in my town. We didn’t think anything of it at first because we heard no sirens or anything then we happened to be looking out the window and there was this GIANT plume of black smoke, flames and ash. We thought it was as close as my neighbor’s house, that’s how clear everything was.

A little while later, our street and the in-between ended up being evacuated. We loaded up the dog, hitched up the RV [for the sake of if my house ended up being burnt down, we had a place to go.] and went over to a co-worker of my Mom’s house who was on the other direction of the fire. We hung out there for a while, and at about 6pm we were deemed safe enough to go back home.

No homes were completely burned, but there was some minor damage to a roof, some melted siding and a shed burned down. There was also no reports of any injuries. [Yay.]

It was -incredibly- scary and a damn near repeat of a major brushfire we had back in 2002 that evacuated us as well. I wanna thank ALL the responders who came out to deal with this and keep us safe.

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