I’m well loved.

Like to the point that my girlfriend will send out my birthday gifts a friggin’ week early. [I turn 26 on this coming Saturday, and I got the box this past Saturday.]

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF ARACHNOPHOBIA, USPS? I know they’re trying to promote Spider-Man 2, but this is just ridiculous. In the box she tossed in Hello Kitty fruit snacks [nom!] How did she know I was out? 0_____0 a couple body sprays that smell AWESOME [and actually were supposed to be in my Christmas box, but they mysteriously grew legs and disappeared on her.] and a smaller Hello Kitty bag [because the one I have is seriously massive and I’m not taking that thing to cons….HOW DOES SHE KNOW?!?] Seriously, she must read my goddamn mind from all the way up there…


When I got evacuated from my house because of the brush fire, the tee shirt she ordered me had turned up. It was taking ninety years to ship and she was hecka worried it wasn’t going to arrive in time for my birthday.

I wanna live in that shirt. I’m not kidding. I’ve washed it already, and I’m tempted to wear it to my GA interview but…nah. I’ll have to look somewhat put together and not a huge nerd.