[Review] Anti-Alice Wig #2 / Fashion Cosplay Wigs

Order Date: 4/12/2014

Ship Date:  4/12/2014

Arrival Date: 4/21/2014

Fashion Cosplay Wigs maintained by agree518, was a great seller to work with. I was very pleased. They shipped the same day I ordered and my package hung out in transit limbo for about a week before showing up in New York on 4/19/2014 and arriving in my mailbox on the 21st.

The wig was packaged in a bubble mailer and the wig itself was packaged in a ziplock bag. The seller also included a free wig cap in which I wasn’t expecting that.



Wig and free wig cap

The wig did not come in a wig net, but rather somewhat inside out to keep it contained. Not a big deal, but a wig net would’ve been easier. The wig fits very well, but it’s a little long in the front so it’s going to need a bit of trimming, and as such my lovely model Ms. Wighead will show off the wig to you since I can’t see a damn thing with those bangs as they are now.

wig front
wig from the side

Since this wig is for a specific cosplay, Nepeta Leijon, here’s a few shots of the wig with Nepeta’s horns and hat [that were lovingly crafted by Rin.] put on.

Overall Verdict: 5 out of 5 paws up