[Review] Rhinestone Cat Ear Headband

I was mulling on this idea for a while, and decided to go ahead and roll with it. I am going to review any and all cat ears from here on out that I purchase. I was originally doing the reviews on Amazon [where I get most of my ears from either purchased by me or received as a gift.] but unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t want you to go into real specifics with your reviews [such as how long it took to ship / arrive and how it was packaged.] and I feel these are things that customers should really be in-the-know about especially when ordering from Amazon sellers as opposed to directly from Amazon themselves.

So without further ado, onward to the first cat ear review! :33


Ordered: February 17th, 2014

Arrived: March 21st, 2014

This rhinestone cat ear headband was packed in a typical bubble mailer and was placed in a plastic bag. I did not have to sign for it.

Some people have reported that the rhinestones had been loose or already broken off upon arrival, but I am happy to report that my particular pair had no issues with the rhinestones whatsoever.

The entirety of the headband is made from metal, but is highly adjustable. Those with metal allergies might want to steer clear depending on what your particular allergies are. it’s a comfortable headband and does not become uncomfortable in any way [such as squeezing the sides of your head.] ever after an extended period of wear.

The rhinestones are very shiny and capture light easily. If you’re a kitty after shiny objects, you might enjoy this pair.

Get your own here: Korean Cat Ear Party Pearl Crystal Rhinestone Headband Headwear Punk Hair Wrap

Overall Verdict: 5 out of 5 paws up

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