You look like an ass, Don’t do that.

Recently it came to  my attention that I was supposedly full of hate for someone. Sure, this person had done a lot of shitty stuff in the past, but the stuff has quite literally occurred YEARS ago. I do not hold grudges for long, and if I do [which I have literally….two.] they are well deserved.

This person came to me the day before yesterday hoping to clear the air, and I was quite literally, “The air had been cleared. I do not have time to dwell on HS BS drama llamas.” Unfortunately for them, they were going by things said by another party and not coming to the source to figure things out. This particular issue also included G, but G also had no qualms with this person.

We [G and I.] did not leave Furcadia [a MMO that G, Kit and I along with some other friends used to play years ago. Some of our friends still play to this day.] over this particular person, and the person assumed we did over information that was given out by the other party and the info was supposedly in writing but no-one could come up with this info to prove. We left because I got bored and had no real reason to be on anymore because of my falling out with my previous partner. We [my previous partner and I.] also moved on to other forms of communication and really did not need to be on Furcadia to chat anymore when we were still together. G was famous for leaving at months at a time because life got busy. We all do.

It was just really frustrating to know that B had held on to thinking that I hated them still when I really did not. I’m not sure why they did not come to me sooner, but I am almost always around to chat and if I’m not, your message or email will be there when I’m able to get to it.

So the moral of this story is simple kids, if you feel like I may have an issue with you, please ask me. Do not go by shit spewed by another party because it might not be the most accurate information.