Busy busy busy…

I have a lot of blog plans that I want to cultivate but I’m having a bit of a block. Luckily, next weekend I will have a few days where there shouldn’t be any distractions and I can comfortably beat the snot out of my writer’s block. Yep, I am the sadist when it comes to writer’s block, any other time I am a huge masochist.

I have a review to write, some prompts to fill, couple of vlogs to record [a lot of them have repeating questions, so I gotta go through them and drop the repeats before setting up.] a trip to NYC and then it is CONVENTION WEEKEND, BABY!

I’m not sure if I’ll blog during the convention, depends on if I feel like bringing one of my computers and not only that, everyone and their dog will probably be on the hotel wi-fi connection now that they made it free to use in your rooms now. [It used to cost $10/night] I also might be having WAY too much fun nerding out with people and then being way too tired to do anything but shower and collapse into the bed onto my girlfriend. I do know I probably will be tweeting and instagramming, so if you do not follow me on either platform and you want to be following my adventures, do so now! You could also get away just following me on Twitter if you do not have Instagram, since IFTTT automatically feeds my snaps to my Twitter timeline. Otherwise, just wait for me to write a con report.

So expect a lot of activity around my blog starting next weekend. I’m excited to share it with you!