Photo Blog #004

The summer storm season begins, when it isn’t even technically summer yet.

But yesterday morning, the severe, explosion-like thunder and lightning started up. It rained buckets. Flooded most of the low-lying areas.

And took my electric with it for about an hour and a half, forcing me to use my old phone as a flashlight and sit my niece without television to keep her occupied.

As I said with Sandy, you never realize how spoiled a person is when you’re able to turn on a light or a TV.

Your routines get out of whack.

Not only was I plugging my ears to rid of the sound and squeezing my eyes shut because the flashing hurt, it was really throwing me off that I couldn’t fry up some eggs or use the Keurig.

Unfortunately my current stove doesn’t light like my old one did, so you can’t light this one with a match to get it started when the power goes out. Totally lame.