TMI Tuesday: How Creative Are You?


1. Have you ever had an idea for an invention that you thought would be commercially viable? Care to share a brief synopsis, photo or sketch?

Not really.

2. Visual arts: Do you do any painting or drawing? Are you a photographer? Sculptor? Ceramist/potter? Silversmith or other? Share one of your favorite works with us, post a photo.

I dabble in some photography, it isn’t remarkable though. Just snap, share on Twitter & Facebook. Rinse, repeat.

a. Do you write fiction? Poetry? Share with us by linking to your work.
b. Do you make up plots, even if you never write them down?

I write things that are based on real events or sex dreams I had. I also did a collaborative Final Fantasy fan fiction with a few friends back in High School, the days when you could just write whatever the fuck you wanted and someone would probably like it. I’m not even going to link it because it’s the most embarrassing train wreck from the brains of three obsessive teenagers.

Nowadays fan fiction readers are picky. I can attest to that, If you write like you don’t actually know the characters then I will run away from your work like my ass is on fire.

I don’t have a link to my saucy work at the moment as it’s still sitting in my NSFW tumblr queue waiting to be published. It used to be all on a blog that I managed separately from the one you’re reading now, but I took it down and moved it.

4. Do you write music? Do you sing or play a musical instrument? An audio clip would be nice 🙂

I sing, but am probably horribly tone-deaf. Which isn’t far from the truth because I AM deaf.

5. Do you write computer programs? What do you like most about that?

If HTML/CSS/PHP counts I used to fuck around with it, but now I can’t be bothered. PHP was especially crazy, one simple mistake and your whole damn site can break.

a. Do you have a hobby that involves making something? Examples might be woodworking, baking, sewing, etc.
b. What is the last thing you made?

If I’m allowed to make things out of a box, they come out pretty good. I made the girlfriend and I some fried eggs for breakfast on Saturday and she loved them.

Bonus: What is it? How would you use it? Write a caption.

Erotic cucumber

Looks like a rather phallic squash or cucumber. I’d cut it up and eat it. Cringe away, penis owners, cringe away.

What? Were you expecting me to say “I’D FUCK THAT.”? Nah. Non-anatomically correct silicone dildos in funky colors would be the only phallic-like object getting near my cunt.

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