10plus years of a Thing

This summer is BlogHer’s 10th anniversary! Tell us something YOU have been doing for ten straight years.

I’ve actually been doing it for 12 years in some shape or form, but it’s blogging. Whether it be on an actual blog, or “micro-blogging” on Twitter. There were times I took some breaks [October 2011 being one!] but I never actually completely quit doing it. Blogging for me in the beginning was a therapeutic thing and has since evolved into a digital-age scrapbooking shtick.

Blogging for me is a hobby. I tried the whole MAKE MONEY OFF YOUR BLOG spiel, but it just didn’t work out. I got hecka overwhelmed and what was a hobby, quickly turned into a nightmarish chore. I also started trying to fill the shoes of someone I’m not because I wanted to keep my audience happy, pump out content that they wanted [or so i thought] and not content that I wanted on my damn space. Remember to always be yourself when blogging, and if being yourself gets you no audience, so be it. Don’t give up on something you enjoy doing just because you don’t have anybody reading!

NaBloPoMo July 2014

2 Replies to “10plus years of a Thing”

  1. Wow twelve years is quite a long time for you to have blogged. I love your tip and I’m going to follow it. To be myself no matter people like reading what I churn out or they don’t. At least you’re spontaneous that way. Thanks for sharing this valuable advice.

    1. You’re welcome!! I hope it serves you well.

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