A day in the life….

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My life varies day by day but there’s a few things that must stay the same or my delicate life balance will explode. OK, not exactly but pretty close. Like I must have a breakfast pretty close after I wake up or hours down the road I’m passing out in the middle of the street or in the car or store…. Hooray for hypoglycemia! [not.] Photos look cruddy because my dumb ass had flash on the camera and not it being on auto flash. [oops.]


Good morning, world! Sometimes I wake on my opposite side, but that side of the room would’ve been….a boring wall from my viewpoint with my camera.


Check phone for overnight calls or messages. Mostly messages because the only people calling me in the middle of the night would be telemarketers or people trying to convince me my computer was going to explode if I didn’t pay to go download their scammy software. [I kid you not, this happened. Told them I did not have a computer at all, hung up and then I blocked the number.]


Bring this lady to life if I feel up to it. Some days I just don’t have enough spoons to get out of bed and opt to use my Chromebook instead.


Use the facilities, and get my hair back in order if it needs it. Short hair advantage: sometimes your bed head can pass for awesome.


Head downstairs, sometimes this guy is at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me to say hello to him. If he’s not there, he’s probably banished to the back porch cos he got wet and is stinky or he’s outside already.


Breakfast happens. Thus staving off any fainting. Woop woop!


Head back upstairs to get changed if I feel up to it [It takes spoons, yknow.] or actually need to suck it up and do it cos I gotta go somewhere out in the great big world.


Good morning message to Rin! Of course. Don’t you say good morning to your SO every day?


By then this is all said and done, a half-hour or more has passed and it’s time for brusha brusha. Last time I was at a dentist he told me to brush 30 minutes after a meal, it’s better for your teeth that way as opposed to brushing directly afterwards.

3 Replies to “A day in the life….”

  1. I love your Vanille & Fang dolls!! And lucky charms… yum, that cereal is delicious! Although I swear every time I eat it I break out for some reason so I try to not eat it as much — it’s so sad, I know 🙁

    1. Oh noes!!! 🙁 Is it possible you might be allergic to something in the cereal?

      My Mom got me Vanille for my birthday in 2011 and my girlfriend got me Fang for this past Christmas. Fang was a lot harder to obtain because for some reason she was always hecka expensive but my GF ended up getting her at NYCC and hid her in her room for two months! XDD

  2. Definitely wish I could have a dog because sometimes living alone is lonely, but I’d feel just as bad leaving the dog alone haha.


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