AnimeNEXT – Day 1

We had a bit of a switcheroo of our plans since my lovely friend Faylin squeezed us in to her shoot schedule for noon [and we ended up shooting earlier!]  We headed over to an office building that was across from the DoubleTree because it had some pretty flowers. Perfect for our shoot. After a while of shooting, some of the people who worked in the building came out and started asking us questions. They were very nice and curious! We were more than happy to answer all their questions and they thought our convention was pretty cool!


We had a great shoot with Faylin, even if it was cut short by a bee. If only that point of the shoot was captured…we were being all cute on a rock and then the next thing you know, we’re like, “…is that a bee?” “Bee….bee…BEEE!!!” “RUN!!!!!”

See the rest of our shoot on my Flickr here.

Photo via Willie Black IV

After some wandering around we decided to head up to the room to switch costumes and get ready for the Homestuck shoot at 5pm. With some time to kill, we decided to log into Omegle and pester some of the folks on there.

We ran into some pretty awesome cosplayers, and wish we’d gotten a screen cap of the interaction of us with a Gamzee, unfortunately I didn’t teach Rin the proper screen cap keyboard shortcut ’til after that. D: The screen cap function built into Omegle itself was pretty shitty, so we had to use the Chromebook’s.

Eventually it was time for the shoot, so we headed down to the meeting place, but considering how busy it was, we had to move off to the other side of the pond and some people ended up bailing. Not a huge deal though, as we had an absolute blast with everyone that we’d met up with. Since of course I did not ask permission to mention them on my blog beforehand, I’m not going to do the thing. They’re dear friends of ours, though. 🙂

See the rest of the shoot photos here.

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! You and your girlfriend look very cute as Vanille & Fang 🙂

    1. Thanks, friend! :DD We had an *absolute blast!* as usual. 🙂

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