AnimeNEXT – Day 2

Day 2 was started way too fricking early but we were committed to attending a Final Fantasy photo shoot at 11am. Although it was hecka early and I was grumpy, we were able to secure our shooting location this time around and did not have to move. It was an absolute blast, and a perfect send off for Fang and Vanille’s vacation. We’re not cosplaying them for 2015, but am aiming to have Serah & Noel in their place.

See the rest of the shoot photos here.

After a while of wandering, we headed upstairs to switch cosplays again and attend Matthew Mercer’s panel. It was absolutely hysterical and I really enjoyed it though knowing NOT A THING about Matthew Mercer ’til that day. Rin got a picture and an autograph with him and she had the photo as her profile picture for a short time but people kept thinking that Matt was her boyfriend. Totally fucking hysterical.

Later on that night, I played seeing-eye kitty while Rin was in her Miraak cosplay. That’s always fun. [“WATCH THE POLE.” Meanwhile, I run into myself.] People will use male pronouns towards her, and then she’ll talk and they’ll be like “OH SHIT, SORRY!!” It’s actually not a huge deal though. Bigender girlfriend for the win!

Here’s some silly tweets from Saturday:



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  1. Very cool!! Love seeing all these people dressed up as Final Fantasy characters! 🙂

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