Baby, The Stars Shine Bright NYC Grand Opening

Today I attended Baby, The Stars Shine Bright‘s grand opening of their NYC store and it actually was A LOT of fun. While I would never be able to afford any of the merchandise, it was still nice to actually get personal and touch it a bit.

There were many “firsts” on this trip for me as well:

  • My first NYC subway ride
  • My first taste of authentic ramen noodles [GOODBYE, PACKAGED GARBAGE!]
  • My first bubble tea

The subway ride was actually really fun, and not as horrible as my overactive anxious mind made it out to be. There was a lot of walking, but a lot of things to see along the way like people playing instruments for a little pocket change [I saw a person playing the cello, another playing bagpipes and another playing….another thing.] Only downside is that it is INCREDIBLY HOT down there under the streets. The breeze we got once emerging back on street level was definitely welcome.

After a trek through Chinatown, we arrived at our destination. There was a line to get into the shop obviously, but it wasn’t too bad.  We got inside a little after two PM.

2014-07-19 21.14.35

2014-07-19 14.27.18

2014-07-19 14.21.17

2014-07-19 14.22.14

2014-07-19 14.30.14

The following photos came from Rin’s camera:







The following photo is of the line to get in after we left. The store is actually up and around the block so these people are wrapped around an entire block if not more!


EDIT TO ADD: We made it onto the official site’s blog! Doesn’t my fiance have a nice butt? ;33 I’m a little sad they didn’t snap when I was touching the butt. Haha. You see my legs, an arm and my red “city bag” in the photo, too.

After our visit in the store and touching damn near everything to take photos of it, we trekked back the way we came and stopped into Ajisen Ramen. I was hecka excited because not only was I trying ramen that didn’t come out of the packet, I was also trying bubble tea for the first time. Both items were delicious, and I want more. Now. Right fucking now.

2014-07-19 15.28.13

2014-07-19 15.53.03


I had the shop’s specialty ramen because it was the cheapest. And if you know me well, I’m a cheapass date. Along with that I went with Rin’s recommendation of a Black Tea with Milk bubble tea. It did not disappoint. Lots of penis jokes were made over this wonderful drink.

Don’t believe me?

There’s all the proof you need.

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  1. Penis jokes, lol. Ramen looks good! And I’m sure Ramen that is NOT out of bag is super yummy!

    1. I am officially spoiled. No more bagged ramen for meeeeeee! Lol

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