New York Comic Con 2014: The Ticket Disaster

If you kept up with me on the Twitters last week, you might’ve already known my first displeasure with securing a badge to New York Comic Con. The last time I attended that con was in 2010, the first year that New York Comic Con and New York Anime Fest were combined and that’s definitely another trainwreck for another day but I will say that I fainted from the heat / con funk / whatever the fuck was in that show hall and then ceased all attendance to that con until this year. Last year, G scored Thursday tickets and went in as my surveyor [she too had stopped going to NYCC after 2010’s fiasco.] while Rin and I putzed about outside enjoying each other’s company. Overall, G said the con was a LOT better than it was when we first went and there was actually room to BREATHE.

For $35 on a Thursday pass, I figured I would make 2014 my return year. A lot has changed since I went, and one of the biggest changes was definitely trying to score tickets. New York Comic Con is sadly plagued by scalpers that gobble up all the tickets and then turn around selling them for astronomical prices. This only seems to happen with the multi-day passes. Luckily, I was spared the heartbreak and outrage that these scalpers cause congoers that will save up their hard-earned cash only to have no pass in the end.

New York Comic Con’s response to the whole ordeal is “WELP. We’ll report the scalper’s listings but we’re not about to release more tickets online. You’re now SOL if you cannot get to a retailer.” Of course, if it ever came to that I’m pretty sure Rin would be willing to go get me a ticket as the retailer list [mostly comic shops in New York.] doesn’t extend down here to Jersey World.

What really started getting everybody agitated was the ticketing system going down straight as the time struck for tickets to be available. Sure, technical blunders happen, but it did not happen when the first wave of tickets were made available earlier in the month. Scalpers again, killed a big chunk of those tickets as well.

Screenshot 2014-06-26 at 12.09.06 PM
Not Found [Error to Origin] page we were greeted with until NYCC got their shit together.

In about thirty minutes, the 3-day tickets were GONE.

Virtual Queue page that would every once in a while fake me out
Virtual Queue page that would every once in a while fake me out

Eventually it was my turn to buy tickets, and $57 later, I have my badge. The only reason it cost so much is that they charge state tax on their badges [for me it was about $4] and then because I bought an $8 lanyard, they smacked on $10 shipping. I would’ve saved $18 if someone beforehand told me that we still get lanyards at the door, but hey, I don’t need one for next year. That is if I even decide to go again. We’ll see how this year plays out.


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  1. So sorry you’ve had such crappy luck buying the ticket… hopefully the event itself will still be a lot of fun!

    1. I’m hoping so too! I’m keeping myself cautiously optimistic at the moment and will definitely be taking notes [literally tweets. LOL] here and there for a recap post. 🙂

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