[Thoughts n’ Shiz] Sailor Moon Crystal


If you haven’t watched Sailor Moon Crystal yet, open a new tab now and head over to Hulu or CrunchyRoll to watch it and then come back here. Your best bet would be to suffer through Hulu’s commercials as Viz Media is monitoring viewership there for the potential interest in a dub.

There was A LOT of disappointment over the new animation style but I found it to be pretty awesome and it flowed quite nicely.  I also saw someone have issues with the episode only being 24 minutes long. That’s for real, my friend.

As someone who grew up with the show, I’m really hoping it gets enough backing to continue past the first season. It was just AMAZING and I really love that it follows more closely to the original manga. Not only that, everything is as it should and not chopped to high hell. American Moonies who’ve discovered the original Japanese anime after seeing the American dub know what I’m talking about.

The translation blunder of “Bump Head” was pretty darn hilarious though, I’ll give them that.

I’m really looking forward to the next episode on the 26th! Remember that is ON-DEMAND so if you missed it when it dropped, you can watch it WHENEVER YOU WANT, it was not a one-time live streaming.

There’s a WHOLE lot more I can say but for sake of not wanting to spoil anything, I’ll take my fangirl flailing to my paper journal and leave you with this:


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  1. Yeah that “bump-head” thing was just weird lol I’m so excited for the next episode and I also hope they do more seasons!

  2. I watched it and loved it! ^.^

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