Hello, August



As a somewhat eventful July closes, and an apprehensive start to August looms… I figured I’d take a few minutes and go over what’s happening this calendar month and may explain any future mood swings or outbursts.

  • August 6th: Seeing a neuropsychiatrist, partly to slap on the officially official medical diagnosis of things we know [and sit there going, “No shit, Sherlock. I knew that for YEARS.] I have and partly to beef up my disability case file because records from doctors that I had as a child mean absolute shit.
  • The real kicker about all this? I try to Google the doctor I’m seeing to get a feel for them and perhaps get other patients’ reviews, but the info I keep coming up with just has location information or tells me the doctor is retired and no longer in practice. [wut?] so I’m guessing I’m seeing is the offspring of the person who is retired? Or the person magically came out of retirement? No clue. No idea. Just thinking about this whole ordeal makes me anxious as fuck. Pretty sure I’m gunna lose my frickin’ mind.
  • August 12th: Disability case hearing. Which we are hoping is going to be the last chapter of two very long and stressful years of trying to get me benefits. Another day of great anxiety. Whoo fucking hoo. But let’s hope something positive comes out of this.
  • August 30th: A happy in all this gloom. End of summer BBQ. Rin’s coming down for the weekend. However at the cost of her visiting, we must shove ourselves into Narnia until the people who think we should go to Hell leave.


What’re you up to this month?

3 Replies to “Hello, August”

  1. Ooh, the identity of your doctor sounds like a mystery waiting to be solved! Let me know if I need to send over the kids and the Great Dane in their van!

    (That is strange that you can’t really find any information on him, though. Maybe he’s just never been very internet savvy and therefore has almost no online presence?)

    1. It’s quite possible!

  2. August always marks a bit of return to normalcy as kids go back to school and routines feel easier to follow. This year is senior year for one daughter, eighth grade for my son and first year of grad school for another daughter. My anxiety is looming, too, with a six-month-skin-cancer check. Never loads of fun and yes, very important.

    I hope things go well for you – and I hope to see you during August via NaBloPoMo!

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