[Review] Kat Lucille Photography

I have to apologize that this review is WAY overdue, but with all the stuff I’ve had to deal with over the past few months you’d understand completely.

UPDATE: As of January 2015, Kat has rebranded from Ad Lunam Photography to Kat Lucille Photography. My photos will show the old watermark until I can blog about a new session in the future, whenever that gets to be. 😀

Kat Lucille Photography is owned by my close friend Kat, a Toms River, New Jersey based model and photographer who I met a few years ago on Tumblr. I can’t remember exactly how we ended up crossing paths there, but we really hit it off and I’m really, really glad that I had the opportunity to meet her.


In exchange for crash space in our hotel room for AnimeNEXT 2014, Kat expressed interest in shooting Rin and I. I was more than happy to cover her hotel expenses, but she ended up wanting to pay me anyway.

Kat is super nice to work with and does not make you feel uncomfortable at all. I didn’t know my ass from my elbow when it comes to posing but she just let me roll with whatever came to me. Usually photographers are like, “THAT LOOKS RIDICULOUS. LET ME FIX IT.” but Kat wasn’t like that.


Kat uses very little editing and rather let the rawness of the photo speak for itself and not silencing it under thousands of filters and other such Photoshop-y things. She has a very quick turnaround time for photos and will send them to you either through Dropbox or will place them on a CD for you.


I had a wonderful time shooting with Kat even if I nearly busted my ass on a rock and a bee scared us away from our shooting location. I will definitely seek Kat’s photography skills in the future.

If you wanna connect with my dear friend, you can find her on her official website, Facebook, DeviantART [NSFW content contained here] and Google+!

legal disclosure jargon to save my butt: This review was not monetarily compensated nor was it done in exchange for services. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. All photos contained herein are property of Ad Lunam Photography.